The staff of Emisia has a strong scientific background in the area of transport emissions and environmental pollution. In addition, the personnel has been involved in a number of studies related to the formulation of environmental policy at a European level. Due to the visibility and nature of the business, Emisia personnel is trained to deliver high quality – high impact tools and studies that can withstand any peer-review process.


Further to focused studies, the software tools offered are based on the 30-year long research and scientific experience of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics. These tools are officially used by member states for the reporting of transport emissions in international organizations (UNECEUNFCCC).


The target of Emisia SA is to provide a customer-oriented approach in environmental services and to further develop current software applications to meet your needs.


Therefore, due to the strong scientific background and the quality of the tools offered, Emisia SA is your ideal partner in completing your Mission for Environment!