Rolling news

November 2016

A questionnaire for feedback on “Study on Euro 5 sound level limits of L-category vehicles” has been created, in order to collect input with regard to various aspects of sound emitted from L-category vehicles. You can fill it in here

October 2016

EEA organized a training workshop on COPERT5 on the 17th -18th October 2016 at EEA’s premises in Copenhagen, Denmark. More information can be found here....

September 2016

The paper “Implications of diesel emissions control failures to emission factors and road transport NOx evolution”, co-authored by EMISIA researchers, has been published in Atmospheric Environment journal. More info can be found here

September 2016

EMISIA started a new “Study on Euro 5 sound level limits of L-category vehicles” under the sponsorship of European Commission. More info can be found here

September 2016

The project entitled “Study on enhanced sound requirements for mopeds, quads and replacement silencers of L-category vehicles”, under the sponsorship of European Commission, was successfully completed. The final report can be found here

June 2016

The papers “Impact assessment of vehicle technology, fuel, and ICT measures on CO2 emissions from road traffic to 2030”, “An investigation of evaporative VOC emissions from petrol light duty vehicles in Europe using different oxygenated fuels”, “Quality assurance of PEMS emissions data aimed for the development of real-world vehicle emission factors”, and “Calculating emissions from road transport on a street level with COPERT4 and COPERT street level, a case study”, co-authored by Emisia researchers, have been orally presented at the TAP 2016 Conference.

June 2016

The phase II of the EU/China COPERT Policy Dialogue Project was finalized in May 2016. The project objective of this phase II was to improve the quality and understanding of China’s national greenhouse emission inventories for road transportation by modelling emissions at the provincial level. More information on the project outputs can be found at

May 2016

Workshop 2016

We are pleased to invite you to our third training workshop at the Ifsttar Lyon / Bron facilities, in Lyon France, Friday 27th of May 2016.


More information can be found on the workshop website.

April 2016

The project entitled “Preparation of the legal and technical background for a voluntary EU standard for low emitting combustion engine driven cars (EULES)”, under the sponsorship of European Commission, was successfully completed. The final report can be found here

February 2016

EMISIA is looking for a software engineer.


Job description

The successful candidate will be responsible for the development of a database in an online environment designed to store vehicle emissions measurements.


Required Skills

Database development

Fluent in English


Desired Skills

Oracle, VB(.NET), C# or C++


Candidates should send a complete CV ( to the following e-mail address, indicating a subject "Position 3, 2016".

September, 2014

EMISIA presented the paper “A detailed transport stock and activity dataset for policy assessment purposes”, based on the TRACCS project, at the TAP 2014 Conference in Graz, Austria.

July, 2014

EMISIA launched a new innovative software platform for environmental city routing. Available also on Google Play. Download the app here...

June, 2014

SIBYL version 3.0 is available for download here....

The abstract "A detailed transport stock and activity dataset for policy assessment purposes", based on the TRACCS project, has been accepted for oral presentation at the TAP 2014 Conference

EMISIA participated in the 10th Integer Emissions Summit Europe 2014, Dusseldorf, Germany, 17-18 June 2014.

April, 2014

COPERT data have been updated using TRACCS dataset and methodology for all EU28 Member States, plus IS, NO, CH, FYROM, TR. You can find out more here….

February, 2014

EEA will organize a training workshop on COPERT4 on the 27th -28th March 2014 at EEA’s premises in Copenhagen, Denmark. More information can be found here....

January, 2014

Final report and dataset of the TRACCS project are available here....

August, 2013

SIBYL version 2.0 is available for download here....

January, 2013

EMISIA and the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts are jointly organising a two-day training course for COPERT Australia (under development) on February 21-22 in Brisbane, Australia. More information can be found here.

November, 2012

The 19th International Transport and Air Pollution Conference 2012 was held in Thessaloniki during the previous week and EMISIA was there.

COPERT 4 version 10.0 is available for download here...

October, 2012

COPERT 4 one-day workshop for advanced users organized by EEA in COPENHAGEN on November 13. Register here...

August, 2012

COPERT 4 version 9.1 is available for download here...

June, 2012

Presentations from the COPERT 4 training workshop in Belgrade are now available on the workshop website.

SIBYL version 1.0 is available for download.

May, 2012

A COPERT 4 training workshop is organized by Emisia and the JRC in Belgrade, Serbia on May 7-8.

February, 2012

SIBYL is a new software tool for calculating vehicle stock, fuel consumption and emissions, as well as evaluating scenarios. The beta version is now available for download.

November, 2011

COPERT 4 version 9.0 is available for download here...

A Eurostars project titled "Inspection and Maintenance fine Particle Sensor" has been approved by the EUREKA Secretariat. More information can be found here...

September, 2011

COPERT 4 training session organized by EEA in COPENHAGEN on October 20-21. Register here...

A complete set of vehicle stock and activity data for all EU Member States is now available on our online store.

July, 2011

A new web tool for calculating fuel and energy consumption from a variety of passenger cars, including gasoline, diesel, hybrids and electric vehicles, over a selected journey has been released here.

June, 2011

COPERT 4 version 8.1 is available for download here...

May, 2011

Presentation by EMISIA staff on the TFEIP Meeting in Stockholm.

Powerpoint Document From Copert2 to Copert4.ppt [2.4 MB]

COPERT 4 training session organized by EEA in COPENHAGEN on June 14-15. Register here...

April, 2011

The TREMOVE uncertainty project has been finalised successfully. A short summary and the final report can be found here.