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Download COPERT v5.0 (May 2017)



COPERT is a Microsoft Windows software program which is developed as a European tool for the calculation of emissions from the road transport sector. The emissions calculated include regulated (CO, NOx, VOC, PM) and unregulated pollutants (N2O, NH3, SO2, NMVOC speciation …) and energy consumption is also computed. A detailed methodology supports the software application. For more information regarding the methodology, the user should consult the Methodology Report.


COPERT 5 is an updated version of COPERT 4 including both revised methodological elements and a reworked user interface aiming at a compilation of complicated annual national inventories that include multiple countries and years in a single file.


Regarding emission factor calculation, COPERT version 5.0 uses the exact same merhodology as COPERT version 4.11.4.


What's New in COPERT version 5?

Major improvements:

  1. Access mdb file → SQL compact edition
  2. Improved software interface
  3. Calculation of long time series in one file
  4. Significantly reduced calculation time
  5. Export extended to include all input and output information
  6. Aggregated factors (hot and cold)
  7. Cancel button
  8. Cosmetic and operational changes

Minor improvements:

  1. Advanced software update procedure
  2. Import/Export in different file types (xls, xlsx, csv)

New Methodological Features:


  1. Fuel energy instead of fuel mass calculations
  2. Distinction between primary and end (blends) fuels
  3. Automated energy balance

Vehicle Types

  1. Updated vehicle category naming
  2. New vehicle types
  3. Emission control technology level

Emission factors

  1. One function type
  2. Possibility to distinguish between peak/off-peak urban



COPERT 5 new features

Fuel vs Energy

Energy Balance