There are two main GUI configurations for the operation of the Pegasor Mi2 sensor.

The first configuration is a Windows standalone application which operates the sensor via the TCP/IP protocol. Both PC and sensor must be connected to the same subnet via a router. The software once initialized establishes a connection with the sensor and from that point on the sensor is fully operational via the graphical user interface. The communication commands are based on the AK protocol existing in the sensor’s firmware. All relevant AK commands are supported by the standalone application.

The second configuration is a mobile application installed on a tablet. This tablet is then connected wirelessly to the Raspbery Pi, which is used as a transmitter. The custom configuration of the operating system allows the RPI to perform three tasks. The first is to act as a host for the sensor via the TCP/IP port. The second is to relay the data and commands from and to the sensor and the third is to act as a wireless access point allowing the tablet to connect via wifi to the AP and exchange data with the sensor.




Windows Software









Tablet application

  • all components commercially available
  • simple update process
  • can be customized upon demand