SIBYL ChangeLog

SIBYL version 4.0 - July 2015


  • Baseline projection consistent with the most updated estimations in the EU-28 region plus Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Iceland and FYROM for the 2010 - 2050 period, in line with historical data up to 2014.

  • Additional group entities (other than EU28): EU27, EU15, EU12, Non-EU

  • Updated air pollutant emission factors

  • Well-to-tank CO2 and Energy emissions are now included; baseline WTT factors are included

  • Custom baseline input option

  • Detailed heavy duty trucks and buses classification, in line with the latest COPERT model

  • GUI enhancements (e.g. Undo/Redo option)

SIBYL version 3.0 - June 2014


  • Almost 10x faster scenario execution
  • Baseline projection consistent with the most updated estimations in the EU-28 region for the 2010 - 2050 period, in line with historical data up to 2013.
  • Baseline consistency with the output of the TRACCS project.
  • More intuitive graphical user interaction and pre-defined trends
  • Scenario type options
    • Full scenario execution
    • Stock estimation only – with the option to export data to COPERT
  • Scenario calibration options with respect to the baseline
    • Activity balancing per sector
    • Fleet balancing per sector
    • No balancing
  • Custom fuel consumption factors introduction capability for all vehicle classes in addition to real-world and type-approval factors.


Version 3 Manual

SIBYL version 2.0 - August 2013


  • Two new types of scenario are now available:
    • Short scenario: Stock and activity calculation only
    • Type-approval CO2 scenario: use of FC – TA factors instead of internal FC factors
  • Baseline has been extended to 2050
  • Hungary is now included (full EU-27 set)
  • Activity is consistent with PRIMES 2012
  • New vehicle classes:
    • G < 0.8l and D < 1.4l (compatible with the latest version of COPERT 4 v.10)
    • FCEV
  • Mileage, speed and share detailed customization:
    • All three features can now be fully customized with respect to vehicle class, year and age
    • Mileage degradation (age dependency) has been added
    • Updated baseline values
  • Automatic mileage calibration
  • Mileage custom calibration option
  • Euro standards are now implemented
  • New export option: COPERT import file after short scenario execution
  • New results graph: Scrapped vehicles

SIBYL version 1.0 - June 2012


  • First release