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Download SIBYL V4.0   [ July 2015 ]


Detailed features


Scenario formation starting with a baseline

  • Change the new/second-hand registrations
  • Alter the scrappage rates
  • Modify mileage, speed and trip distribution
  • Edit the efficiency of vehicles through time
  • Add new technologies or modify existing ones



  • Increase electric vehicle new registrations at the expense of ICE vehicles
  • Increase the efficiency of conventional vehicles
  • Add CNG/LPG fuel as an option for conventional cars
  • Edit the urban mileage share or the average speed


Policy assessment:

  • Use the above options to test specific policies
  • Execute scenario variations based on reasonable assumptions or expert judgement
  • Assess the results based on a variety of metrics


  • Introduce and evaluate scrappage schemes
  • Estimate how realistic CO2 reduction policies can be and alter policies accordingly
  • Examine the impact of a variety of strategies (electrification, downsizing, speed limits etc.)


Target Testing

  • Focus on specific goals and equivalent metrics
  • Add constraints based on estimations from higher-tier models


  • Assume a projected stock/activity for a new technology
  • Set CO2 targets and apply variations in order to reach them
  • Design a combination of targets (lower GHG without increasing NOx and PM excessively) and compare different approaches