Emission inventorying & projections modelling software

Emisia SA offers customised software applications for the calculation of transport emissions and vehicle fleet evolution according to customer needs. These are provided in a suitable environment and with suitable tools for input – output of data and results, as well as with suitable interfaces with other commercial packages that are usually used in related applications, such as air quality, GIS, etc.


Emisia SA researchers have developed specialised methodologies for the estimation of technological development in vehicle fleets and the calculation of pollutant emissions from transport. These methodologies have been fully implemented in relevant computer software. The FOREMOVE software estimates the fleet evolution and the COPERT software is used for road transport emission inventories. The combination and enhancement of these software tools led to the development of the TRENDS software that covers all modes of transport and enables emission projections.


The emissions calculation is based on suitable emission factors for all vehicle types. The emission factors are regularly updated in order to include the latest available information. The development of emission factors is supported by measurements performed at the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics or provided by other collaborating institutions.