Studies in the field of energy in transport

Emisia SA undertakes impact assessment studies from transport, technological and legislative measures, in local, urban, national or international level, with the use of appropriate calculating tools.

The calculation of emissions and energy consumption from transport is used in a number of applications. In an attempt to deal with environmental problems (e.g. climate change), various international bodies (e.g. UNFCCC, UNECE-LRTAP) have established conventions and protocols where agreed emission reductions of the participating countries are determined. In order to evaluate the progress achieved by the countries, they submit annual emission inventories of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. The methodology developed by Emisia SA researchers for the calculation of these emissions from transport has been fully adopted by the European Environment Agency (EEA), while the COPERT software is proposed as a suitable calculating tool to this aim.

In combination with air quality tools, the calculation of emissions may also be used for the estimation of road transport contribution to pollutant concentrations at the urban or street level. Suitable scenarios on the use of transport modes, the change in the composition of the vehicle fleet and the penetration of new technologies and/or fuels enable emission projections from transport. The objective is the investigation of possible measures for reduction environmental pressure from transport and policy assessment.